Marshawn Mitchell murder: FBI joins probe in Country Club Hills

The FBI has joined the investigation into a fatal shooting outside a suburban high school last September after a football game that took the life of a 14-year-old freshman.

Police in Country Club Hills have expressed frustration with a lack of cooperation from witnesses. Now, the FBI is setting up an online tipline to try to develop new information into the murder of Marshawn Mitchell.

"It's the hardest thing ever. Trying to go on. Trying to live without my only child," said Mitchell’s mother, Amanda Lenore. "He had so many hopes, so many dreams. He was such a bright light to me and my family."

Lenore is speaking out as the FBI joins the investigation into her son's murder, launching a media tipline which will allow members of the public to upload cellphone video or audio or texts that FBI forensic agents will then be able to analyze.

"It is okay to provide us information anonymously," said FBI Special Agent Siobhan Johnson. "We understand that people might not want to leave their names, and that's okay. What we're really looking for is the video, not necessarily the person who submits it."

Mitchell was among a large group of students walking along 175th Street in Country Club Hills on September 15 after the homecoming football game ended when someone pulled out a gun and fired on the crowd. Police say Mitchell was not the intended target.

Despite the large number of witnesses, police have had trouble getting people to talk.

"It's hard to get a witness to come forward," said Lenore. "And by Marshawn being killed in front of so many kids, so many students, that's devastating that no one has come forward yet."

Which is why an $18,000 reward has been established, which the FBI may add to. Special Agent Johnson said people with information should keep the following in mind.

"The individuals who were willing to fire into a crowd of children celebrating homecoming, we can't tell what they're capable of in the future. And I think it's unlikely they're going to stop," Johnson said.

And Marshawn's mom is hoping the FBI's tipline will convince someone with information to do the right thing.

"Put yourself in my shoes. How would you feel if it was your child? You would want justice. You would want someone to come forward and speak up for your child," Lenore said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to visit the tipline HERE.