Marvel's Ironheart joins forces with Chicago's OEMC for safety campaign

Marvel's superhero Ironheart, also known as Riri Williams, is teaming up with the Office of Emergency Management and Communication in Chicago to launch a new partnership aimed at promoting safety awareness across the city.

The OEMC unveiled new messages on Wednesday, featuring Ironheart, to educate residents about emergency preparedness. The campaign emphasizes the importance of being vigilant and knowing what to do in various emergency situations, such as during extreme weather events or suspicious activities.

Ironheart, a character native to Chicago, was chosen for the campaign in part because Marvel filmed a new Ironheart series for Disney Plus in the city two years ago. The series is set to begin streaming next year.

The OEMC's campaign also highlights its new app, designed to keep residents informed about city events and emergencies. The app includes a safety walk feature that allows users to share their location with others, providing an added layer of security.