Oscar winner Matthew Cherry brings Chicago to life in new animated series 'YOUNG LOVE' on HBO Max

From the NFL to being an Oscar winner, Chicagoan Matthew Cherry has successfully covered all realms of entertainment – and now his success is streaming, as he brings his new Chicago animated series YOUNG LOVE to HBO Max.

Cherry, who won an Oscar for the short film HAIR LOVE, is expanding on the world with the popular new series. He sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton to talk about the impact his home city has had on the stories he tells.

"Chicago is just a real place," Cherry said. "People that aren’t really caring too much about what you do for a living, it’s all about who you are as a person."

The Oscar-winner added "It’s a city full of hard working people who love to laugh and aren’t afraid to cry.

"I really wanted to represent that in a show. Chicago made me."

YOUNG LOVE is streaming now on HBO Max.