Mayor Brandon Johnson speaks at Basic Income Guarantee Conference

Mayor Brandon Johnson attended the 21st Annual Basic Income Guarantee conference Friday morning.

The mayor says the disparities that show up economically, show up in health outcomes, in the education system, and in our neighborhoods around the country.

Johnson spoke at the conference that was being held Thursday and Friday at Moonlight Studios.

"Unrestricted cash assistance means that we trust people, and we provide them with the flexibility and choice in their public benefits to determine the best way to meet their household needs. So it's not just about the guarantee, it's about the trust that families know what to do with their resources when it comes to their lives," Johnson said. 


"Building a city that is prosperous where no one should be too poor to live in one of the richest cities in one of the wealthiest counties at the richest time in the history of the world – That is the transformation that we are making," he continued. 

Last summer, 5,000 Chicago residents received $500 monthly payments for 12 months to help them stay afloat.