Mayor Lightfoot, city officials announce Chicago winter preparations

On Thursday, Mayor Lightfoot and city officials met to remind Chicagoans about the city's winter plans, even though they look different from previous years.

"We are responding with a collaborative, all hands on deck approach,” said Mayor Lightfoot.

As the city inches closer to colder weather, officials say there are resources available so no one is forced into a dangerous situation. 

"Have no fear about going to a warming center, we will be following the COVID-19 indoor safety protocols,” said Lightfoot.

The pandemic won't prevent the city from opening the warming centers. You can find the center nearest you by calling 311.

They will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, whenever it is 32 degrees or below. 

There will also be no shutoffs by ComEd or Peoples gas, keeping electricity and gas service running all winter long. 


"If you're already shut off, we have a process for you to get reconnected so don't hesitate to take advantage of this program,” said Lightfoot.

As for the time-honored tradition, "dibs,” the mayor said she does not encourage it. 
"As someone who has spent time digging out my car, before I had access to a garage, I absolutely understand it, but the problem with dibs is, when there's a new snowfall and we need to clear the street, the 'dibs' get in the way,” said Lightfoot. 

You can sign up for winter weather alerts by going to They will be emailed or texted to your phone.  

You can also download the FOX 32 Weather app.