Mayoral runoff finalists woo Willie Wilson for endorsement

Willie Wilson’s campaign for mayor finished in fourth place.

But now, the top two finishers are wooing Wilson for his endorsement, and he's asking supporters to advise him via social media.

Wilson said that before he announces his endorsement next week, he'll meet separately with mayoral finalists Toni Preckwinkle and Lori Lightfoot. He plans to push his top issues.

“Yeah! No tax increase. Here again, the violence, economic empowerment that reflects all citizens equally. Equality all around,” Wilson said.

Wilson got the same 10-and-a-half percent of the vote that he got four years ago against Rahm Emanuel, though he won more wards this time than any other candidate: 14, all with black majorities. He plans to meet separately with County Board President Preckwinkle as well as with Lightfoot, who would be Chicago’s first openly gay mayor. Wilson acknowledged that some of his socially conservative church-going supporters object to that, but said it's not an issue for him.

“It's not about what you decide what you wanna do or who you are. It's about jobs and contracts that I’m focused on: economic, social issues. You know, we gotta deal with that, not so much a person's sex or into whatever they want to do or color or race. We're all human beings,” Wilson said.