Memorial Day parade in Arlington Heights honors fallen military members

Monday was a day to give thanks and pay tribute to all the brave souls who have given their lives for our freedom.

In Arlington Heights, the sun was beaming as residents lined the Memorial Day parade route with flags, bunting and banners.

All veterans, from all branches of the military, were invited to march or ride the route and be recognized. 


The father of fallen hero, James Bray Stack, said his son was motivated to join the service after 9/11.

"He was a young man at the time and seeing fighters escorting a commercial plane landing at O'Hare, flying over our house, things like that made an impact on him," Robert Stack said. "We're very proud of him and we're very proud to live in a community that's patriotic and has a parade like this and to live in a country that sets aside a day to honor the fallen in the service of our country."

The community honored each fallen hero from Arlington Heights, all 58 of them who date back to the Civil War. They were remembered at a ceremony in Memorial Park following the parade.