Metra again asking riders to fill out surveys listing impolite behaviors they see on trains

FOX 32 NEWS - Are you a courteous commuter?

Less than a year into Metra’s “Be Nice” campaign, they want to know what bothers passengers riding their trains.

Last summer, Metra created several posters reminding passengers to be mindful of others and not to hog seats or talk too loudly on their cell phones.

For the month of January, Metra riders can fill out a survey listing more impolite behaviors they see while commuting.

“People are so comfortable on our trains that they think they are at their house,” said Metra CEO Don Orseno. “Some of our biggest offenders - doing your hair on the train, doing your nails on the train, trimming your beard on the train."

The survey offers a list of several behaviors riders can choose from, which can be found at

The winning bad behaviors will go on new posters this spring and distributed throughout the trains.