Metra commuters face delays as stuck drawbridge halts southwest suburban lines

It was a headache for many people trying to get home from the city Tuesday night, as two Metra lines to the southwest suburbs were halted for hours.

Metra has since reopened the SouthWest Service, but travelers were inpatient while waiting.

"It's late, it's delayed, it's a mess, it's a rainy day too," said one traveler heading to Orland Park.

Metra says a drawbridge was stuck in the up position at 21st Street and caused trains on the SouthWest Service and Heritage Corridor to stop on Tuesday night. Trains were halted near Lumber Street.

Many people including Noor Saqri were stuck.

"I'm actually very shocked, and I never take the late train, and now I don't know how I'm going to get home. I've been at school since like six in the morning," said Saqri.

"It is an inconvenience because I didn't get a notification on the app or anything, and you usually would. So I don't know who's fault that is," she said.

A Metra worker that FOX 32 spoke to says notifications were delayed for passengers, but were eventually sent out.

Passengers were being directed to the Rock Island line as an alternate route.

Saqri says the delay was an inconvenience, but it doesn't happen often.