Mia Goth and Ti West talk new slasher film 'Pearl'

The writer/director of the hit horror film "X," released earlier this year, surprised audiences when he announced a new prequel…that hits theaters this year as well.

"Pearl," opening Friday, tells the origin story of the elderly serial killer "Pearl" first featured in "X" – and, to the surprise of audiences, played by 28-year-old actress Mia Goth.

Goth returns to the role in the new prequel "Pearl"  – no longer under aging makeup this time – and spoke with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about returning to the same role twice within the same year.


"All the prep that I did for older Pearl in ‘X’ as well as Maxine (another character she played in ‘X’), I kind of brought with me during my prep for younger Pearl in ‘Pearl,’" Goth said.

Goth added "It was immensely helpful."

"Pearl" hits theaters on Friday, September 16th – the previous film in the new horror series "X" is available on-demand now.