Michael Jordan tells jury he values his image 'preciously'

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Icon Michael Jordan took the witness stand Tuesday in an effort to protect his name.

Jordan is hoping to collect $10 million dollars or more because of  an advertisement run by Dominick’s Supermarkets that included his  name without his permission.

FOX 32’s Larry Yellen reports that on the stand, Jordan showed some of the same intensity that has made him a basketball legend.

FOX 32: Michael, how do you think you did today?

“Good, Good,” Jordan responded.

Jordan left the Dirksen Federal Building a few hours after his 28 minute appearance on the witness stand. When the 52-year-old former superstar was asked why he brought about this lawsuit, he calmly explained "To protect my likeness, my image, something that I value very preciously."

On the stand, he also showed some humor.

When Jordan needed his reading glasses to answer a question, he was embarrassed, telling everyone,  "don't look."

After summarizing his early years of long  practices and hard work, his attorney, Fred Sperling, asked, "It's worked out okay since then?"

Jordan responded, "I'm not complaining."

Asked about his endorsements, Jordan said, "I didn't do deals for anything less than ten million dollars."

Under cross examination by defense attorney Steven Mandell, he kept his cool but firmly insisted, "I didn't grant Dominick's any rights,"

When Jordan was finished, the defense began its case. They're expected to play some portions of Jordan's video deposition, and Jordan's lawyers say they may put him back on the stand to respond to what's played in court.

Dominick’s would be in big trouble if the fans who staked out the courthouse to get a glimpse of Jordan were deciding the case.

“He's a great. He's a living legend, and he's a Chicago institution,” said fan Zoby Soto.

“He's an icon. And he's having his day in court. And he's letting people know that you just don't take his name in vain,” said fan Marie Watson.

Closing arguments are expected Thursday.

The now-defunct Dominick’s chain has admitted running the ad without Jordan’s permission. But they claim the damages were far less than ten million dollars.