Milwaukee homicide prompted Amber Alert, man charged

Renado Hall

A Milwaukee man has been arrested and charged with 13 total counts related to a July 2021 homicide that prompted an Amber Alert.

Prosecutors accuse Renado Hall, 21, of shooting and killing the mother of his of child.

Fourth of July homicide

The homicide victim, 18-year-old Narianna Staten, was found dead on the sidewalk near 26th and Burleigh the night of July 4, 2021.

The homicide prompted an Amber Alert for the victim's 19-month-old son. Hall was identified as the boy's father. The boy was ultimately found safe the following morning.

A witness told police that people were setting off fireworks as part of a Fourth of July party the night of the shooting. The witness said they saw Hall and Staten arguing and then fighting. Staten ran away, but Hall chase after her, a criminal complaint states. The witness continued watching fireworks until people started running and screaming. They then saw Hall holding a gun and "panicking" as Staten laid on the ground.


Hall arrested

Hall was arrested on April 3, 2022 in the area of 20th and Center. Police went to a home in search of Hall and spotted him sitting in a car outside.

Hall told police that he was at the Fourth of July party with a different girl and that the victim, Staten, confronted him. He alleged that he was sitting in his car holding a gun at the time and the gun "went off" only after Staten hit him in the chest.

The shooting was "an accident," Hall claimed. And he dropped off their son at a family member's home after it happened. He also said he wrote Staten's family an apology letter.

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In the car where he was found prior to his arrest, the complaint state police found a gun, marijuana, pills, cocaine and heroin. There was a backpack with digital scales, multiple cellphones and an ID card with Hall's name on it.

Regarding the items found in the car following his arrest, Hall admitted, according to the complaint, that the gun was his and that he bought it on the street because he knew, as a convicted felon, he could not have one – but he "would rather get caught with a firearm by the police than get caught without one."

He also admitted that marijuana was his, but denied that the other drugs belonged to him.

Incidents that preceded homicide

In April 2021, the criminal complaint states police were called to the area of 58th and Ruby where two people had allegedly been threatened by Hall. He allegedly said "he would shoot the entire family" – among other threats – if he wasn't allowed to get his things from their home. 

A few days later, Hall allegedly threw a brick through one of the threat victim's car windows. One day after that, a shot was fired into the threat victims' home. 

Police found 10 fired casings at the scene. The complaint states the casings came from two separate shootings and two different guns were involved.

Hall, the complaint states, told police that he was selling cocaine and had left some at the home in question – but returned to find it was no longer there. He admitted to going to the home with two other men, one of whom was armed. He and the other armed man shot at the house "in an attempt to get the cocaine back."

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Police were called to a reported shooting near 27th and Melvina a few days after the incidents near 58th and Ruby. The complaint states, Narianna Staten told police that she had moved to the home near 27th and Melvina after the disputes involving Hall near 58th and Ruby. Another resident of the home heard three gunshots and allegedly saw Hall outside before he got into a car that sped off. 

At the scene, police found two bullet strikes to the home and one casing. Upon analysis, it was determined that the casing was fired from the same gun used in the 58th and Ruby shooting. Police also found an insurance card in Hall's name at the scene.

Hall told police, the complaint states, that he and the armed man he was with at 58th and Ruby went to the home near 27th and Melvina – again "in an attempt to get the cocaine back." He said the other man was the only one who got out of the car and fired shots.

Hall in court

Hall made his initial court appearance on April 7, and a judge set cash bond at $150,000. In all, he is charged with:

  • First-degree reckless homicide
  • First-degree recklessly endangering safety (2 counts)
  • Unlawful use of telephone
  • Felony bail jumping (4 counts)
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Possession of a firearm by an adjudicated delinquent (3 counts)
  • Possession with intent to deliver THC

Hall is due back for a preliminary hearing on April 18.