Mold forces Calumet City schools to shut down on first day

Schools in Calumet City were closed Tuesday on the first day of school because of a mold problem.

Parents were first told of the problem in a robocall that went out in the morning, but they weren't told much else.

We've since found out that the problem is isolated to a single school: Wentworth Junior High.

The district is made up of three schools -- Wentworth Intermediate and Wentworth Junior High, as well as Woodrow Wilson School. All 1,100 students were told not to come in Tuesday.

Cal City School District 155 issued a statement, saying, "It was brought to the district's attention that mold may have been detected in the Wentworth Junior High building. Once the concern became known, the district took immediate steps to assess the concern and this phase is ongoing."

That statement goes on to say Wentworth Junior High will remain closed, but the other two schools will re-open on Wednesday.

It does not say how the district became aware of the mold problem or how long until the junior high re-opens.