Mom photographs candid moment with sons, doesn't realize one has fish stuck in his mouth

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially the case for one family whose photo of their three sons on an outing went viral after the youngest was shown with a fish stuck in his mouth.

Marika Daniels took her three sons to a local children’s museum with a fishing pond in South Dakota for some family time before eventually moving to Wisconsin.

It had been more than a year since they had been to the museum and Daniels wanted to take a photo of all three of her children with their newly acquired rubber fish.

As Daniels had her sons line up for the photo holding their fish, it wasn’t until after she took the photo that she realized her youngest son actually had stuck his “catch” in his mouth.

“When I took the picture, I honestly didn’t realize Landon put the fish in his mouth because I was trying to get the attention of the two older ones to look at my camera,” said Daniels.

“I didn’t realize the type of picture I took until I looked at my pictures later.”

While Daniels was just trying to get her two eldest sons to look at the camera, Landon seemed to be too hungry to wait to enjoy his “catch of the day.”

“I just kind of chuckled and shook my head and thought, ‘Oh Landon.’”

The photo was picked up and quickly turned into a meme where it has been shared across multiple Facebook meme pages garnering thousands of likes and shares.

Daniels says she never expected a photo of her kids in their natural habitat to get so much traction and says she’s humbled at how many “likes, shares, smiles and laughs this picture has brought to so many people already.”