Moms ask for answers this Mother's Day

This Mother's Day weekend some Chicago moms are asking for your help in solving their children's murders.

So far this weekend two people have been killed and another 26 others wounded from violence.  The seemingly steady pace of shootings in Chicago has some worried about the summer. 

We met two mothers Saturday afternoon on the city's South Side where one mother lost her 18-year-old son.

“I want justice, justice for myself. I want the killings to stop because people just don’t understand how it tears up your family,” said Monica Hresil whose son, David, was shot and killed in 2009.

Hresil says David was walking home from school when someone got out of a car and shot him 12 times.  Police have no leads in the case.

“I try to keep his story alive because you never know somebody might just be scared and one day finally come forward,” said Hresil.

She believes her son was the victim of a gang-related shooting.

“He and his friends were bothered from the time when they were in grammar school -- to join this one or to join that one -- so they were always hassled,” she said about her son being pressured to join a gang.

Four years ago Decolbie Esco Sr.,  or "Coby," was killed in a tragic incident on the city's North Side.  His mother Diana Pierce says her 30-year-old son was a dad, college graduate and dedicated his life to working with kids.

In August of 2012 he was attacked first on foot, then by vehicle while he was getting off a bus near Foster and Western.

“Coby was hit in the chase and they dragged his body for two blocks and left him,” said Pierce. “I know my son was murdered intentionally and it scares me that the murderers are still in that area.”

Even after several years, these mothers won't give up on their kids and the justice they deserve.

“It just seems like it gets harder instead of easier each year - it just wears you down,” said Hresil.

If know anything about these cases call CrimeStoppers - you can remain anonymous.  That number 1-800-535-STOP or visit