'Monster of Moscow': Illinois lawmakers say Putin's invasion of Ukraine is a war crime

Two Chicago area congressmen who serve on the House Intelligence Committee joined those labeling Russia's Vladimir Putin a "war criminal."

"Putin was a war criminal before this war," declared Rep. Mike Quigley, (D) Illinois, in an interview with Fox 32 Chicago. "In previous conflicts, he had committed war crimes."  

Quigley cited Putin’s orders to destroy Aleppo, Syria.

In1999, Putin presided over the destruction of much of the city of Grozny, Chechnya.

On Wednesday, the International Court of Justice, which several weeks ago announced a war crimes investigation of the Ukraine conflict, ordered Russia to cease all military activities in the country.  

By a vote of 13-2, the judges also ordered Russia to stop falsely accusing Ukraine of "genocide," one of Putin's pretexts for the invasion.  

While no one expects Putin to heed the court’s orders, Ukraine said it would continue to pursue the litigation.


The long litany of invasion horrors in Ukraine includes Russian attacks on more than a dozen hospitals; the killing of pregnant moms and newborns, and a bread line where Russian soldiers allegedly gunned down 10 people.

"Mike, Putin's a heinous blowhard. He's an insidious, barbaric, authoritarian ruler. And he's, I believe, committed war crimes in Ukraine attacking not only the military but civilian targets," said Rep. raja Krishnamoorthy (D) Illinois to FOX 32's Mike Flannery.

After hearing the ukrainian president's address to a joint session of Congress, Illinois' senior senator praised the courage of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"He is a standup president of Ukraine who is confronting the monster of Moscow," said Sen. Dick Durbin (D) Illinois. "Last night unanimously the Senate decided, as they should, that the conduct of Vladimir Putin is nothing short of a war crime."