Moose crashes Illinois couple's elopement

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The newlyweds, pictured, had reportedly never seen a moose before their big day. (Sarah Goff/

A couple eloped to Colorado specifically to keep their wedding intimate, but an uninvited guest ending up crashing the private nuptials.

On May 20, an Illinois couple said “I do” in Rocky Mountain National Park with only the officiant and wedding photography crew in attendance – before a wild moose arrived to pay her respects, the Denver Post reports.

Wedding officiant Jane Gorman told the outlet that a runner had approached the group ahead of the ceremony with the news that a moose had been spotted in the area, though they didn’t think much of it.

“Anything can happen with weather, but that was unexpected,” Gorman dished of the “cool” sight.

Photographer Sarah Goff said the couple, who she has identified as Amber and Kyle on Facebook, couldn’t believe that they had a wedding crasher.

“They were so excited and I think terrified of this moose. They ended up just watching her cross and so that was the shot we got,” she told Fox 31.

“[The moose] just kept coming closer and closer,” the photographer dished to the Post. “We kept an eye on her, and when there was a break in all the people looking at her she came up onto the trail.”

According to the outlet, the newlyweds had never seen a moose before their big day. Fortunately, the wandering visitor came in peace – and had no objections to their union.

Goff revealed that though Amber and Kyle were initially disappointed that the gorgeous mountain views from their Sprague Lake wedding location wouldn’t be fully visible due a snowstorm, they took the visiting moose as a good omen.

“I think they’re very special and this couple will have those memories forever,” Goff told Fox 31 of the unusual sight.

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