More than 50 homeless people left in the cold after shelter shuts down

More than 50 homeless people were kicked out into the cold Monday afternoon after their emergency shelter got an order to shut down.

“They kicked us all out, which included men, women, children, disabled elderly, some of these people are even vets,” said Thomas Rowlette, who is homeless.

Around noon on Monday, about 60 people filled the now empty rooms at pads Lake County, which stands for Providing Advocacy, Dignity and Shelter.

Some people’s belongings were even left behind.

"We as people need to be more caring, more compassionate, even I wasn't a homeless person, it's still not right, it's a crime to do what they did to throw us out in the street like this with nowhere to go,” Rowlette said.

On Monday afternoon, Executive Director Joel Williams got notice their business license was being suspended. 

"The notice that we did receive did allude to something about affecting the general welfare of the community or something to that affect, but there's not a specific incident or series of incidents that they can point to,” Williams said.

The Waukegan facility is a day center, and clients go there to meet with case workers and job hunt. They also provide transportation to overnight shelters.

On Monday night, clients had to board the bus halfway across town. Business owners just down the block are complaining about the center and its clients.

"We feel bad for the actually homeless because we have helped out many, it doesn't hurt us to give a sandwich or coffee,” said business owner Ruben Retana.

The business owners don't like how some ask for money and use drugs in the bathroom. 

One example can be seen on surveillance video of a man who appears to ask a person for money as they pay for their meal.

The Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley says these complaints are what sparked the suspension.

"We just had to bring this to a head, and hopefully through these correspondence and through our discussions we can resolve the issues that are plaguing the PADS site and the residents in that area,” Mayor Motley said.

The mayor says PADS will be open Tuesday.

PADS has appealed the suspension and will remain open until their hearing later this month.