Mother, daughter arrested for allegedly stuffing $200 worth of crab legs in purse

A mother and daughter duo were arrested on Aug. 18, for allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of crab legs from a local grocery store in Memphis.

Police said the two were seen stuffing the crab legs into a purse by the manager of a SuperLo Foods in East Memphis, but when the manager tried to stop them, she told police she was “struck in the face” by one of the suspected thieves.

The store manager told police that the crab legs were valued at $200.

According to police, Felicia Hollins and her daughter, Gabrielle Hodges, became persons of interest in the theft over the course of the investigation.

Just a few days later, a witness was shown a six-person photographic lineup that contained photos of the suspects who were later identified as the individuals allegedly responsible for the robbery, according to the police affidavit.

Both Hodges and Hollins were eventually arrested. Police said they waived their Miranda rights, giving a typed statement admitting to the act.

Both face charges of theft of property and assault and are set to face a judge.