Musician reunited with flute worth $22K after leaving it on a Blue Line train

A reunion that is music to the ears!

A musician has been reunited with his lost flute.

The instrument was accidently left on a Blue Line train this weekend, and it's not just any flute. It's worth $22,000. 

On Friday, a Boston Conservatory at Berklee grad student was travelling from St. Louis to Boston with a stop in Chicago, when he left his flute on a Blue Line train and panicked.

It was a special flute.

A few years ago, the trained musician needed to upgrade his instrument, but couldn't afford it. Then, his grandmother left him the money he needed. 

"My grandmother - when she died of cancer in 2016 – that’s how I was able to have the flute," said Rabin.

He had to find it. 

He emailed police, did interviews and posted all over social media. 


A homeless couple who sleeps on the Blue Line saw his flute post and had posted about finding it on Facebook. 

They had sold it to a pawn shop, but Rabin understands.

"I feel a lot for them, and although in that moment they didn’t do the right thing at the time, I still understand that they’re in desperate situation, and I really want to help them out," said Rabin.

When he was finally reunited with his flute, he said he felt like he could cry.

He wants to one day play a thank you concert for all who have helped. 

"This is such a testament to humanity, so many amazing people out there," said Rabin.

Rabin is hoping people donate to the GoFundMe page now set up for the homeless couple.