Muslim group hosting 'Mosque Open Houses' to show American neighbors what Islam is about

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - An organization called "GainPeace" is trying to help more Americans understand Muslims and Islam by hosting open houses.

"Our main purpose is to share the true teachings of Islam, which stands for peace and justice, and do away with the misconceptions," said GainPeace director Dr. Sabeel Ahmed. "We invite our fellow Americans, our neighbors, to meet Muslims."

He said that 67 percent of Americans say they have never met a Muslim.

At an open house, he said visitors can expect a "social" atmosphere during which there will be activities for the kids (like face painting), delicious food and a chance to ask Muslims about their beliefs.

Guests are given a translation of the Koran as well, so they can see what the message of Islam is really about. They are also given information about famous American Muslims throughout history.

"We want to convey that Muslims are Americans and that Islam is part of the United States, as old as Judaism and Christianity," he said.

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