Chicago police give 'all clear' after suspicious package located in Ogilvie Transportation Center

Chicago police said Ogilvie Transportation Center has been rendered safe after a mysterious package was found in the train station Monday afternoon.

Police responded to the 500 block of West Madison Street at approximately 4:04 p.m. for the call of a suspicious package on one of the train platforms.  

K9 units responded to the scene, along with investigators from the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Fire Department.

"Everyone was looking at something and we weren’t sure how big it was, and the police told us it was a suspicious package," said Ahmed Balto, who lives nearby.

The train station was evacuated, while others in the area were told to shelter in place.

"I heard someone come on the loudspeaker saying there is a shelter in place order and for everyone floors four and above to remain in place," said Corbin Decker.

Around 5:30 p.m., Decker, who works in the office building above Ogilvie Transportation Center, said another, more urgent message was announced.

"They started saying, they are actually ordering for a full evacuation of the building, so to head toward the elevators, make your way to Madison Street and head west only," said Decker.

The bomb scare took place in the middle of the evening rush – leaving many commuters without a way home.

"I crossed the street and I think it was an officer who told me the street was closed and nobody was allowed in the building," said Yesenia Parra.


Parra, who lives in the McHenry area, relies on the Metra to get to and from the city, where she attends UIC.

"I don’t know when I’ll be able to get home," said Parra.

Others heading to the suburbs decided to post up nearby.

"I’m just going to wait it out, that’s probably the best thing to do," said Ro Annis.

CTA buses in the area were also rerouted. As police investigated, traffic was blocked off northbound on Canal from Madison, and Eastbound on Washington from Clinton to Canal.

Around 6:30 p.m., investigators gave an all-clear and rendered the area safe. Police have not released further details about the investigation, or what the suspicious item was determined to be. 

Editor's Note: The original story stated that the package was found at Union Station. Chicago Fire originally said it was Union Station, Chicago police later confirmed it was Ogilvie.