Mystery 'Toy Fairy' surprises kids with gifts every summer in Indiana, south suburbs

There’s a mystery in the skies over the south suburbs and Indiana.

Each summer, a woman in a motorized glider drops surprises on unsuspecting kids, but nobody knows who she is.  

"Anytime you see her rainbow parachute or you hear a hum in the air, you're constantly looking, ‘Is that her? Is that her? Where is she at?," said Jennifer Biesterfeld from Beecher.  

The anonymous woman is known as the "Toy Fairy."

Parents in the area have posted videos and photos of their encounters with the veiled vixen on the Beecher, Illinois Facebook Group. 

Kelcy Loshiavo owns a restaurant in the town.  

"It's kind of like they hear that sound of her, and they just all go running," said Loshiavo.  


The motorized glider makes a dull hum that gets louder as it gets closer to the kids.  And boy does it get close!

"She comes down so low, and it’s kind of breathtaking," said Grant Park, Illinois mom Elizabeth Karstensen.  

The Toy Fairy drops plush stuffed animals and squishy balls to waiting kids below.  

"I have a friend who lives maybe a mile away, and we will text back and forth, ‘The Toy Fairy is on this road coming this way.’ So we know to get our kids outside and waive to her like crazy so she'll drop them some toys," said Biesterfeld, who is also a mom. "I just hope she gets as much joy out of it as all the kids do because she puts nothing but smiles on everybody's faces, young and old." 

The parents FOX 32 Chicago spoke with said the Toy Fairy has been making surprise deliveries for about five years now.  

They’ve tried to find her so they can donate to her cause, but she remains unidentified.