Naperville brothers compete in 2022 FutureTechs Rock Awards

They've spent a lot a time with dad in the garage over the years — under the hood. 

And it's paid off. 

Twin brothers Josh and Jake Gunther are seniors at Naperville North High School, where they've revved up their automotive skills in a major way.  

Anything to do with cars, and Josh and Jake are in their element. 

Josh just won a national award for Motor Sports. 

Jake won in the welding category. It's what they love to do.

"Why we chose it? For me, I just like working with my brother, and working around him. It's always a good positive energy," said Josh.

"We have a family project. We have ‘67 Camaro ought us that we’ve been, like, keeping and we've been slowly working on and that's like where it all started," said Jake.

And where they are now, according to their teacher Greg Ditch, is head and shoulders above most students. 

"They are just so far ahead of where their peers are, and they're so mature, and just so so wise for their age with the decisions that they make, the things that they do, and how they conduct themselves," said Ditch.

So now the twins are pitted against one another and eight others for the 2022 FutureTechs Rock Awards Grand Prize!

An honor Josh wants his brother to win.

"Since there's the two of us, we obviously can't both win, so I'm telling people or encouraging people to vote for my brother cause I've already decided what I want to do for college, and I'm going off in August, so I want people to vote for Jake to help him with his welding career and see how far that can take him," said Josh.

Josh wants to work on a NASCAR crew one day. 

Jake imagines owning a welding business.