Near West Side neighbors terrified after wild shootout outside their homes

At least 45 shots were fired early Sunday on the Near West Side, rattling nerves and damaging cars.

Chicago police say they recovered two weapons and many shell casings at the scene near Harrison Street and Denvir Avenue. Police say two groups of teens were shooting at each other. Video obtained by FOX 32 shows puffs of smoke as shots were fired.

Within 60 seconds, the teens were jumping in cars and disappearing from the block. It happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday and it started sleeping neighbors who leaped out of bed and hit the floor.

On a weekend when the number of “shots fired” calls were down in Chicago, the street looked like the Wild West. Gunfire shattered windows on at least four cars and left bullet holes in buildings.

One neighbor let FOX 32 listen to surveillance video from his living room in which you can hear multiple shots fired. Although neighbors describe the Tri-Taylor neighborhood as an up and coming area, most say they still watch their backs.

“It can happen anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, but this is a relatively quiet and safe area. So it is surprising to hear something like that would happen here,” said neighbor Lu Lika.

The incident has left people feeling afraid. They can’t recall the last time there was a shooting on the block.

“I mean it’s usually pretty quiet, so it’s pretty surprising,” said neighbor Manu Sankar.

“We haven’t had any weird instances, so it is pretty strange to hear about it,” said Lika.

Police say no injuries were reported in the shootout.