New 400 Theaters in Rogers Park to close after 111 years

The oldest running theater in Chicago will soon roll its final credits. 

The owners of New 400 Theaters in Rogers Park announced on Facebook they will be shutting down next month.

The theater, at 6746 N. Sheridan Road, turned into a COVID-19 test site at the height of the pandemic to stay afloat.

"Farewell Rogers Park. The 400 served the community for 14 years : As home base from the [Black Lives Matter] marches in [Rogers Park], as a Covid testing center, as a banquet facility for local businesses, charities, and homeless shelters, as a restroom for the farmers market one year, and last but not least, as a 1st run movie theater. We sold over 1 million tickets, not a single one for more than $10. We hosted Jazz bands on the patio and put kids names on the marquee for their birthday parties, to make them feel special. We did blood drives and had film festivals," the owners wrote on Facebook. 


The last showing will be a silent film on Sept. 12.

The theater opened in 1912, five years before the Spanish flu pandemic started.