New bill aims to enhance rail safety following CTA Yellow Line crash

A new bill aims to improve rail safety after last November's Yellow Line CTA crash that left dozens of people injured. 

The bill in Springfield, known as Senate Bill 3451, will require annual reports from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation (IDOT), the Regional Transit Authority, the Chicago Transit Authority and Metra that detail rail safety recommendations from the National Transportation Board made in the last 12 months. 

The reports will also need to reveal the status of the safety recommendations' implementation by Dec. 31 of each year, according to officials. 

Lawmakers say the goal is to make the safety process more transparent. 

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The CTA crash occurred in Rogers Park near the Howard "L" station in November of 2023. 

The Yellow Line train crashed into the back of a diesel-powered snow removal device that was on the tracks. Thirty-eight people, including 31 civilians and seven CTA workers, were on board at the time of the collision. 

Fifteen passengers declined medical treatment, but 23 others were taken to local hospitals. There were no fatalities. 

The new legislation passed the Senate on Friday and will head to the House for further consideration.