New combined indoor dog park and bar set to open in Chicago

A dog park and bar is hoping to be ready for you and your four-legged friends just in time for colder weather!

The B-A-R is planned to open in Chicago's North Center neighborhood.

The owners released a trailer to get folks excited about the new business!

B-A-R is a play on words, like when you ask your dog to talk a W-A-L-K.

It's going to be a bar and an indoor dog park.

The owners are still working through the liquor license process. The couple says they got the idea for the business after going to a similar one in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

It will be a shared space where dogs and people can roam around together and socialize.

Once the B-A-R is open, dog owners will need to apply for a membership that ranges from a $ 25-day pass to a $ 50-month pass. 

Dog owners will also need to show proof of vaccination for the pups.