New electric Harleys rolling into Chicago-area dealerships

It's something you never thought you'd hear: Harley-Davidson is now producing a quiet motorcycle.

The all-new electric Harley Livewire is rolling into a handful of dealerships around the country.

"It's not your Daddy's Harley-Davidson,” said Chuck Kreisl. 

Kreisl owns Calumet Harley-Davidson in Munster, one of the first Harley dealerships in the country to receive the clean, green machines fresh off the assembly line.

"It's plenty fast,” said Kreisl. “It charges quickly. It's got all the latest and greatest technology. It's connected to the cloud and it's connected to your phone."

The bike is Harley’s first attempt to market to environmentally conscious millennials, many of them living in cities.

However, with no clutch, gears or noise, it has earned some scorn from traditional Harley riders.

"Some of them have frowns,” said Kreil. “But I can tell you after they ride it they come back with this big smiley face like ‘oh my god!'"

The electric engine is mounted under the battery, which lasts about 145 miles in city driving before needing a new charge.

A cable can be plugged into a wall outlet or commercial charging station for cars.

"It's instant power,” said Jesse Oliver, Sales Manager. “Zero to 60 in under three seconds. So it's incredible. I have never felt anything like it on a motorcycle until I rode this bike."

The bike costs $29,799, a bit higher than the standard Harley, but you won't have to pay for any gas.