New Minnesota law legalizes THC edibles, says any store can sell them, and does not tax them

THC edibles – commonly known as marijuana edibles – are now legal in Minnesota (as long as they are derived from hemp), can be sold almost anywhere, and are not taxed, to the surprise of at least one Republican lawmaker who voted for the bill.

FOX 9 Minneapolis reports that the legalization is thanks to a new state law passed during the 2022 Legislature that clarifies regulations on products containing cannabinoids, including THC. The law allows edibles like gummies and beverages to contain up to 5 milligrams of hemp-derived THC per serving.

FOX 9 reports that there are no limits on the retailer licenses to sell the products – so that almost any store that wants to sell the edibles can. 

The law does not provide for a tax on the THC edibles, the Minnesota Reformer reported, so Minnesota will not see the enormous financial benefit that other states have reaped. The state of Illinois reports that more than $2 billion in cannabis products have been sold since recreational marijuana was legalized.

A Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter said that Minnesota Republican State Sen. Jim Abeler said he did not realize the bill would essentially legalize marijuana edibles when he voted for it.

This story was reported from Chicago.