13-year-old sent shooting threat to Emerson Middle School; Niles police investigate

A 13-year-old boy was identified as the person who sent an email to administrators at Emerson Middle School threatening to "shoot up the school."

The boy has been charged with a local ordinance violation for disorderly conduct, according to a statement from Niles police.

The email was sent early Friday morning, a day of no attendance for students, and immediately forwarded to Niles police, according to Peter Gill, spokesman for Park Ridge-Niles School District 64.


Police concluded that there was no "immediate threat" to the school, and the building was opened to students on Monday, Gill said. Extra officers will be stationed at the school throughout the week as a precaution, Gill said.

Officials would not comment on whether or not the 13-year-old was a student at Emerson Middle School.

Niles police continue to investigate the incident, working with school administrators.