NIU police investigate unverified bomb and active shooter threat

Police at Northern Illinois University are investigating an "unverified bomb threat and active shooter threat" Monday morning at Barsema Hall.

Campus police sent out a safety alert just before 8 a.m., saying a heavy police presence was growing near Barsema Hall at 740 Garden Road.

Around 9 a.m., NIU police provided an update on the threats:

"Faculty and staff of NIU’s College of Business received an anonymous email this morning indicating there would be an act of violence committed today, where the emailer requested a large police response in hopes of gaining international news. We are also aware that another university outside of Illinois received the exact same message today.

NIU takes any form of threat seriously and is currently investigating."

No evacuations have been mandated at Barsema Hall and classes remain as scheduled, unless otherwise noted.

Updates from NIU police will be sent to university email accounts and NIU SOCIAL.