No charges filed against student who left nooses at a high school in Elmhurst

There will not be any charges filed against a student for leaving two nooses at a high school in Elmhurst.

The nooses were found in January at York Community High School's football field.

Sometime between 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., a group of adults gathered to play an informal soccer game at the field. 

During the course of their visit, the adults discovered two rope nooses hanging from the top of the metal bleachers, authorities said.

The adults removed the ropes and took them away with the intent to give them to school administrators later. 

School administrators were then contacted and informed Elmhurst Police investigators of the incident. 

The ropes had tape affixed to them with two messages. 

One rope’s message read "Let them play!" and the other rope’s message read "Hear us now! Please!". 

The investigation revealed that a York High School student was responsible for the placement of the nooses.

The student said the intent was to draw attention to the mental health impact of not being able to play sports. 


Based on the results of the investigation, school officials made the decision not to pursue formal criminal charges, and to address the matter administratively between the school, the student and the student’s family.

"With the information presented to the District, we have determined that the motive was to draw attention to the isolation and mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students. As a result of the findings, no criminal charges will be pursued by the school district. District officials will approach this incident now as a school matter, which by law must remain private," Interim Superintendent Dr. Linda Yonke said.