North Side bakery owner frustrated, fearful after business is vandalized several times

A North Side bakery owner is frustrated and fearful after she says her business was vandalized several times this year.

"It's frustrating, it's sad, but it also makes me scared and concerned, especially like from a safety standpoint," bakery owner Jenni Vee said.

Vee opened Jennivee's Bakery five years ago and felt welcomed in the East Lake View neighborhood.

Then, came the vandals.

"It's a good thing we do have surveillance cameras 24/7," said Vee.

Surveillance video from the latest incident, which occurred earlier this week, shows four people casually walking by. Then, one goes after the patio's planters with a vengeance.

Similar acts have happened twice recently, plus a few times last year.

The vandalism has not caused major damage, but has shaken up the staff.


"Initially, we thought it was just a bunch of people [who] are drunk from the bars and don't have anything better to do. But I don't know if this time is a targeted incident," said Vee.

Not only is the bakery proudly LGBTQ owned and operated, most of the people there are of Asian descent, which makes them question whether this is a hate crime.

The bakery owners say they have contacted police. 

Additionally, a lot of people in the neighborhood are on the case, sharing the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the vandals.

Vee says she appreciates the community's support.

"Just keep supporting us, and we will continue to serve you and spread happiness through our pastries," said Vee.