North Siders want action after mob of teens cause chaos in Chicago

North Side Chicago residents are looking for solutions after hundreds of teenagers caused havoc in the streets on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, police and community members hope it's not a sign of what's to come this summer.

"Crime has gone through the roof. I've lived in this area since 1964 – I've never seen it so bad," one resident said. "Ms. Mayor, Kim Foxx, Tim Evans, Pritzker – you live right in this area. Do something."


At Thursday night’s community safety meeting in Old Town, residents were demanding more cameras, more lighting, and more police patrols. It all comes one day after a chaotic scene near North Avenue Beach where an estimated 400 young people spilled out into the street after what aldermen labeled an "illegal party" was shut down.

A flyer that spread on social media seemingly encouraged attendees to bring alcohol and drugs. Police got wind of the event beforehand and secured all entrances to the beach and nearby pedestrian bridges.

Teens were then seen climbing lifeguard towers and getting on top of CTA buses.

Alderwoman Michelle Smith of the 43rd Ward says Chicago police did an excellent job deescalating what could have been a very bad situation.

"I saw reports of people fighting – there weren't any fights," she said. "There were young people … jumping on cars and twerking. And the police said, ‘if you don’t stop, we'll arrest you all.' And they stopped. So I think it was a very appropriate use of police discretion. No stores were broken into. No violence was done."

Alderwoman Smith says she's working with the city to make sure the promoter of Wednesday's event is identified and prosecuted.