Northwestern Medicine giving Illinois patients ability to choose 'X' as sex designation

Patients at Northwestern Medicine's hospitals and outpatient locations in Illinois will be able to choose "X" as a sex designation starting next week.

Starting on Dec. 18, people who are nonbinary, intersex or transgender can use "X," instead of "M" or "F" as a sex designation on identification documents.

The medical record will include designations for sexual orientation and gender identity to create a plan that will match a patient’s individual health needs, a spokesperson with Northwestern said.

"Northwestern Medicine hospitals and outpatient centers affirm every patient’s gender identity," said Sumanas Jordan, MD, PhD, director of the Gender Pathways Program at Northwestern Medicine. "The new medical record designation will enhance communication with patients, align with best practices and help our staff better meet the needs of the diverse population we serve."

To add the new option, more than 200 employees from 50 departments were involved in updating information systems and workflows.

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