Not a fan of the Cubs or Sox? Try a hex!

A Chicago based hot sauce company is vowing to put a hex on the Cubs or the Sox.

Kyle Janis, the founder of Soothsayer Hot Sauce, just launched a Kickstarter campaign online.  He's asking for a $3,000 dollar donation.  In return, he will provide a hot sauce inspired dinner for 13 and a voo doo priest or wiccan to perform the hex.

"In terms of sports, Chicago culture loves curses and hexes," said Janis.

So far, there haven't been any takers.  But, just a couple days into the campaign, Janis has nearly met his monetary goal.

Janis has a charmed past with hot sauce.  He traveled the world with the band Chicago sampling hot sauce along the way.

"The South is classic vinegar flavor.  You have hot sauces like Louisiana and Franks and Crystal.  The West has a kind of smoky heat.   It's a lot of jalapeno's and those dry desert flavors.  You have scotch bonnets which make up a lot of Caribbean taste, and then Thai chili's and the very thin narrow chili's that are all over Southeast Asia," Janis explained.

For his three preservative free and all natural Chicago-made sauces, Janis says he wanted to stay true to natural flavors.

"There's Perdition which is our most popular.  It's an all orange habanero.  There's Harbinger which is a roasted red pepper and roasted manzano pepper.  And, Omen which is a jalapeno-garlic, based on a traditional Mexican salsa verde," Janis said.

When Soothsayers hot sauce hits store shelves it will retail for $7 dollars a bottle.