NYC subway rat shares donut with nearby rodent friend

Rats are not only resilient, they've proved to be generous as well.

Rats have ruled the city for a long time. Rats have long thrived in subway tunnels, burrows within empty lots, city parks, and even homes.

No traps nor poisonous bait have fully succeeded in reducing their numbers. 

Maybe it's because they've been looking out for one another?

In a TikTok video taken by Carly Hittner, a Manhattan rat is seen grabbing a donut from the subway tracks and sharing it with a rodent friend. 

Every rat eats--all for one and one for all. 

"Some of the men in this city need lessons in chivalry. Donut rat treats his woman better than half you other rats in this city," Hittner wrote on TikTok.

It's unclear whether the rats were squeak-hearts or bro-dents, either way the moment was heartfelt.

Mayor Eric Adams has made rats one of his administration's biggest initiatives from naming the city's first-ever Rat Czar to requiring curbside garbage to be put out on the street later at night.

This summer the city's health department said there was a drop in rat complaints following a record year in rat totals.

"Rats are smart, they are resilient," said Adams.  "Many of us live in communities where rats think they run the city."

Turns out we live in a city where rats look out for one another in times of need. 

Storyful contributed to this report.