Nyzireya Moore murder: Chicago girl, 12, laid to rest after being shot following birthday celebration

A stray bullet turns a birthday celebration into a burial service.

On Friday, 12-year-old Nyzireya Moore was laid to rest. She was shot while riding in a car with her parents on Tuesday, March 1st.

Days later, Moore died from her injuries at Comer Children’s Hospital.

Balloons and flowers meant for a celebration mark the spot where the 12-year-old was shot. The young girl was sleeping in the passenger seat of her parents' car, and they were one block away from home when tragedy struck.

Someone on the street randomly opened fire in the 2300 block of West 72nd Street. Moore was shot in the head.

"I’m going to put a flier on your door," said community activist Andrew Holmes.

About 20 men from across Chicago canvassed the West Englewood block where the shooting happened, leaving fliers. They hope someone will give an anonymous tip to crack the case.

"Let’s fish this individual from under this damn rock that he’s hiding under," said Holmes.


Cook County Crime Stoppers is now offering a $15,000 reward leading to an indictment or conviction in the case.

Chicago police haven’t revealed what evidence they have in the case, but so far frustration is growing as no one is in custody.

On Saturday, March 12th at 11:00 a.m., in the 7100 block of S. Oakley Street, Cook County Crime Stoppers and Moore's family will be distributing flyers to the community.