Outrage in Oak Lawn after driver allegedly allowed to go home after fatal DUI incident

Outrage is growing in Oak Lawn following an incident where a driver was allegedly allowed to go home after hitting someone while drunk behind the wheel.

The victim, 28-year-old Murod Kurdi, tragically passed away days later.

Protesters gathered outside the Oak Lawn police station on Tuesday to demand additional charges for the driver. The incident occurred on June 5th when Kurdi was standing near his parked car in front of his home on 91st Street and Tulley Avenue. The driver struck Kurdi and reportedly continued driving for a block before stopping.

According to the family's attorney, the driver refused a breathalyzer test, was only cited for speeding, and was allowed to go home. It wasn't until about a week after Kurdi's death that the driver admitted to police that she had consumed two drinks at a local bar.


Kurdi's mother insists that the driver should be held accountable.

"In light of bringing justice and awareness for my son who was killed on June 5th by a 27-year-old female driver that admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, yet free to leave the scene along with her child who was in the car during the incident. Her choices not only killed my son, jeopardized the life of her 4-year-old child, and all of our children and family in this community," Fadia Muhamad said.

The Village of Oak Lawn provided limited information about the case, stating that it remains under investigation and that they are pursuing various avenues. They expressed condolences to Kurdi's family for their loss.

The family is urging authorities to charge the driver with aggravated DUI involving death.