Officers, suspect's girlfriend describe moments right after ATF agent shot in face in Chicago

The shooting of an ATF agent in the Back of the Yards neighborhood last year was caught on police security cameras. The federal agent survived.

A jury saw that video this week at the trial of Ernesto “Ernie” Godinez. Prosecutors say he mistook the agent for a rival gang member and opened fire.

Police officers who were on assignment with ATF Agent Kevin Crump when he was shot rushed to his side. One of them testified Wednesday, saying, "he was holding his neck and his face.”

Another said, "He was lying behind the vehicle, covered in blood."

Prosecutors say Godinez, an admitted gang member, was the shooter. His girlfriend testified that she picked him up minutes after the shooting and he said "I feel good," and added something about a "flake." That's a gang term for a rival gang member.

She said she drove him to a gas station where he bought a white t-shirt to cover the black top he'd been wearing. But she also testified that Godinez seemed normal and relaxed when he got in the car.

Defense attorneys focused on a statement by one of the police officers that he had seen an unidentified man wearing a white shirt down the block where the shooting had come from.

“Mister Godinez was there in the area. There's no dispute about that. Our dispute is, who was the shooter of this agent,” said defense attorney Lawrence Hyman.

At one point, with one of Crump's partners on the witness stand, Hyman asked Godinez to stand up. He asked the officer, "Did you see this gentleman out there that night?"

The witness answered, "no sir."