O'Hare worker brutally beaten while waiting for train in Gary

An O’Hare airport employee was beaten with a gun while waiting for his morning train in Gary, Indiana. The bold armed robbery happened around 4 a.m. Monday morning at the South Shore station near 2nd Place and Clark Road.

The victim, who wants to be called 'Mike,' waited for the train near the platform and heard a question come from across the street. He says a young man then quickly approached from behind.

“When I turned my back, that's when he said ‘It's a stickup.' That's when he pulled out the gun and I started running,” said Mike.

With no one else around - no witnesses - the 50-year-old commuter took off until the offender tackled him in a nearby yard.

Mike said the robber beat him with the gun and broke his ribs. The offender got away with the victim’s wallet, keys and backpack.

Police Chief Robert Byrd with the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District, who oversees the train stations, said this brazen crime is unusual. They have other camera angles showing the offender in search of personal property. 

“It looks like he's attempting to gain entry to a couple of parked cars and while walking towards the station is when he sees our commuter," said Chief Byrd.

The chief says his stations are still safe, but try to stay in groups.

Mike said he will continue to take the train, and will be right back at the same location bright and early Tuesday morning.

"I’m going to do what I got to do,” said Mike. 

Police need your help in catching the armed robber, who may be carrying a stolen Harley Davidson wallet and a black and orange Michael Jordan backpack.

If you know anything about this case, call police at 219-398-6000.