Ohio woman accused of painting 'Hail Trump' and 'N------ Keep Out' on neighbor's home

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Photo of 'Hail Trump' vandalism courtesy of Toledo City Councilman Peter Ujvagi 

TOLEDO, Ohio (Fox 32 News) - An Ohio woman is charged with vandalizing a neighbor's home with graffiti that said "Hail Trump" and "N---- Keep Out."

Patricia Edelen, 47, was taken into custody on Saturday. She is charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief, ethnic intimidation, and criminally damaging property, according to the Toledo Blade.

The story went viral when the realtor selling the property streamed a Facebook Live video of the damage and her reaction to it.

Toledo City Councilman Peter Ujvagi shared photos of volunteers cleaning the graffiti off the home. He wrote, "Today a dozen Toledo citizens, without being asked by anyone, came together to try and eliminate the stain on our heart. I have never been more dismayed and than more proud of Toledo than today."