Orland Park students get free scooters for Random Acts of Kindness Week

A random act of kindness this Valentine's Day put smiles on the faces of more than 100 kids in the southwest suburbs.

There was a scooter giveaway for first and second-graders at Fernway Park Elementary School in Orland Park.

The giveaway was put together by Chicago-area student-athletes who donated money to buy the scooters. BODYARMOR and DUDE Wipes also helped contribute funds for the surprise gifts. 

Parents, teachers and kids all gathered in the school auditorium for a presentation but had no idea what was coming.

When a partition was pulled open to reveal all the brand-new scooters, parked and ready to ride, jaws dropped and the children gasped with joy.

"It was a well-kept secret," said Fernway Park Principal Sandy Hutchinson. "This is just amazing. Look at these kids' faces. The random acts of kindness that happen are just so much fun."

One recent college graduate taking part in the event, Emely Oviedo, said she's participated in scooter giveaways before.

"What I get out of it is just a lot of happiness and joy," said Oviedo. "When you give to someone you are not only helping them, and helping them feel happy, but you feel happy too."

Student-athletes from several Chicago-area high schools were on hand. 

The hope is that these children will pay it forward by performing random acts of kindness of their own one day.

It got a little crazy when the kids jumped on their scooters and took them for a spin in the school auditorium. Also, teachers and staff got their own treat – heart-shaped pizzas.