Overcrowding forces police to close LSD entrances to Montrose Beach

Driving in Chicago on a holiday is usually a breeze, but that wasn't the case along Lake Shore Drive Monday.

Chicago police closed off entrances to Montrose beach because of the heavy traffic, and so many people turned out to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday that many were forced to park blocks away.

But still, that didn't stop people from flocking to the beach.  

“It's really nice weather, I don't have school today, I don't have work,” said beach-goer Jan Dimaano.

People flocked to the beaches in droves, and many celebrated the Memorial Day holiday by setting up picnics and barbeques around Montrose beach.

Even though parts of the beach were flooded, it still didn't stop people from diving in. The only problem was getting there. 

“We came from over there and we saw police are blocking everything. We really wanted to come because it's a family gathering here, and then we realized we needed to go park really far,” said beach-goer Erik Fernandez.

The Fernandez family wasn't alone. Many people were getting dropped off, unloading their coolers and chairs, and hiking it to the beach.

"We thought we were coming here on time and then we got here and the police were like, it's blocked off. Now we're going to struggle to find parking,” Dimaano said.

Chicago police closed off the entrances to Montrose Beach to vehicles because of how crowded it was getting.

Lake Shore Drive also saw some unusual holiday back-ups because the entrances at Wilson and Montrose were closed.

"I've never seen that...here before,” beach-goer Noah Roth said.

It was surprising, but it wasn't stopping people from parking blocks and blocks away.

“It's nice weather, it's worth it,” Dimaano added.

It’s especially worth it since summer is so precious in Chicago.