Park Ridge house transforms into pirate heaven for Halloween

For 17 years, Park Ridge resident Ken Hogue has been spending weeks each October turning his house and front yard into pirate heaven.

There is a pirate ship, a pirate graveyard and lots of pirate booty.

"My son decided he really liked Pirates of the Caribbean. And we used to do some really spooky stuff, a little too spooky. So we started doing the pirates, and it just kept growing from year to year," said Hogue.

The little trick-or-treaters line up for candy while their moms and dads get something a wee bit stronger.


But that's not the only house taking Halloween seriously.

Across the street, there was a dancing dragon.

And around the corner — the house from the movie Encanto.

While there were plenty of adults in costume, Halloween is really about the kids, and of course the candy.