Pastor Corey Brooks gets $8M donation for youth center

The "Pastor on the Roof" is getting a big boost to his youth center.

Pastor Corey Brooks spent months fundraising for his Project H.O.O.D. On Wednesday, he scored an $8 million donation from the McCormick Foundation.

That brings his total raised to $28.5 million. His goal is 35 million.


"We have ready to go our trades classes, where we offer construction, electrical, HVAC, automotive as well. We also have a big component of entrepreneurship that we're really excited about where we're gonna be helping people start their businesses. We're gonna be providing free trauma counseling to individuals who are dealing with violent situations," Brooks said.

The donation from the McCormick Foundation is the largest single gift for the project.

As a thank you, Brooks says they will have naming rights at the center.