Pastor offers drive-thru communion to parishoners seeking comfort amid coronavirus outbreak

As social distancing becomes the norm, these new barriers aren’t stopping people from going the extra mile. 

Churches are closed across the state, so a drive through communion in south suburban Alsip was a welcome sight Saturday.

“I thought what can I do to connect with them and let them feel the love of Jesus?” said Pastor Dan Willis of Lighthouse Church of All Nations.

For two and a half hours, cars just kept coming.

“With masks on, gloves on, all of them coming through in their cars, just rolling down their window for me to hand it through. But to see their face, to tell them that they’re not alone, and that it’s all gonna be all right,” said Pastor Willis.

In north suburban Deerfield, the focus, while also staying a safe six feet apart, is to be good neighbors.

“So neighbors that may be going to Costco or to the Jewel can send something out and say who needs something?” said Leslie Schaffel.

Leslie Schaffel is a tutor. With schools shut down, it’s a busy time for that.

“I think parents want to help their kids with the e-learning, but they’re also doing their jobs from home, so it gets stressful, it gets hard,” said Schaffel.

Families in Bolingbrook are using their children’s artwork to spread joy.  For pregnant women, it’s a new way to baby shower. Guests are dropping off gifts in the driveway and leaving.

"And you know I just don’t have no fear. I just put God in front. I just have my meditation, read my Bible and ask God to lead me,” said Georgia Williams.

Food pantries are seeing a rise in those seeking help.

“I gotta come out. The people got to be fed. So, the food pantry’s gonna be open. We got to be here for them,” said Barbara Gatewood.

With the state’s shelter in place now in effect, Pastor Willis is asking people to pray for those who are calling the shots right now.

“Trusting that those leaders care about the flock called Chicago , that they feel as intense as I feel as a shepherd , in a way, they’re a shepherd over the city and I know that they feel that weight,” said Pastor Willis.