Pilsen residents protest opening of arcade, bar

Two dozen residents protested on Saturday against the opening of Headquarters Beercade and Color Cocktail Factory in Pilsen.

The businesses will be located at 917 W. 18th St.

Long-time residents fear the arcade and bar will create a public nuisance. More than anything, the group opposes the venues being granted liquor permits.

"The late night fighting - they come out of this building all drunk. They’re defecating in the alleys. . . it’s terrible," one resident said.


"Pilsen has more land-locked blocks than any other part of the city. There’s a real parking problem here. They have no garages, they need street parking," another person who attended the protest said.

Headquarters Beercade was actually denied a liquor license by the city of Chicago, but the owner appealed to the Illinois Liquor License Commission, and was granted a conditional license.