Pilsen's Club One opens doors to the community for Day of the Day celebrations

Wednesday is the first day of Day of the Dead celebrations, and it holds a lot of significance for the Chicago community.

One event at Club One in Pilsen is open to the community so attendees don’t have to be a member to take part.

Those in attendance will have a chance to do authentic hands-on activities, including the creation of mini ofrendas, or altars, and crafting paper marigolds which are sometimes called Flor de Muerto, meaning Flower of Dead, and lastly, sugar skull face painting.

On top of it traditional, tasty treats like tamales and Pan de Muerto, the sweet "bread of the dead," will be served.

The program director at the Union League Boys and Girls Club, Club One site says people are often unfamiliar with this important holiday.

"It’s very important especially to a lot of Hispanic and Latin cultures, and it’s important because we do pay a lot of respect and we want to pay an homage to our families and our ancestors and this is a way to do that," said Annabel Hernandez, Club One program director.

"So between November 1 and 2 we pay their respects by placing their favorite items or favorite snacks or favorite drinks on the alter with their picture so we can remember their contributions to the family," she added.

The director says there aren’t a lot of Dia de Los Muertos events going on that are open to the public, so they expect a good crowd and a lot of excitement is building for this.